Summer Workshop  2004


29 June 2004, Tuesday

Chair: Jenõ Koltay (IE)

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Norbert Maier (LBS):
Explaining Corruption: An Incentive-Based Approach
Discussant: Imre Csekõ (BUES)
11  -  12    Kata Bognár (U Michigan) and Lones Smith:
We Can’t Argue Forever
Discussant: Péter Kondor (LSE)

Chair: János Vincze (IE) and (BUES)

13:40  -  14:40    Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE):
The Law of Two Prices: Trade Costs and Relative Price Variability
Discussant: Attila Rátfai (CEU)
14:40  -  15:40    Elõd Takáts (Princeton):
Incentives in practice: efficiency wage, firing and bonuses
Discussant: Gábor Kézdi (CEU)
16  -  17    Gergely Csorba (CEU):
Screening Contracts in the Presence of Positive Network Effects
Discussant: Kata Bognár (U Michigan)

30 June 2004, Wednesday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

10  -  11    Júlia Lendvai (U Namur):
Inflation Rigidity and Monetary Policy Shocks
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)
11  -  12    László Kóczy (U Maastricht) and Luc Lauwers:
The Minimal Dominant Set is a Non-Empty Core-Extension.
Discussant: Tamás Solymosi (BUES)

Chair: László Halpern (IE)

14  -  15    Péter Kondor (LSE):
The More we Know, the Less We Agree
Discussant: János Vincze (IE) and (BUES)
15:20  -  16:20    Attila Ambrus (Harvard) and R. Argenziano:
Network Markets and Consumer Coordination
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (CEU)