Summer Workshop  2003


1 July 2003, Tuesday

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Fudenberg, D., M. Mobius and Ádám Szeidl (Harvard):
Existence of Equilibrium in Large Double Auctions
Discussant: Gyula Magyarkúti (BUES)
11  -  12    Balázs Szentes (Chicago) and Péter Eső (NWU):
Optimal Information Disclosure in Auctions: The Handicap Auction
Discussant: József Molnár (Notre Dame)

13:40  -  14:40    Gábor Kézdi (BUES and IE) and R. J. Willis:
Who Becomes a Stockholder? Expectations, Subjective Uncertainty, and Asset Allocation
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
14:40  -  15:40    Lorand Ambrus Lakatos (CEU):
A Problem Concerning Changing Preferences
Discussant: Balázs Szentes (Chicago)
16  -  17    Beatrix Paál (Stanford) and T. Wiseman:
Group Lending with Endogenous Social Collateral
Discussant: Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE)

2 July 2003, Wednesday

10  -  11    Árpád Ábrahám (Duke) and N. Pavoni:
Efficient Allocations with Dynamic Moral Hazard and Unobservable Savings
Discussant: Beatrix Paál (Stanford)
11  -  12    Che, Y-K. and József Sákovics (U of Edinburgh):
A Dynamic Theory of Holdup
Discussant: János Vincze (BUES and IE)

13:40  -  14:40    Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE):
Financial Globalization and the Pattern of International Trade: An Incomplete Markets Approach;
Discussant: Péter Benczur (NBH)
14:40  -  15:40    Szilvia Pápai (Notre Dame):
Random Paths to Stability in Hedonic Coalition Formation
Discussant: Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU)
16  -  17    Imre Fertő (IE) and L. J. Hubbard:
The Dynamics of Agri-Food Trade Patterns - The Accession Countries' Case
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)