Summer Workshop  2002


24 June 2002, Monday

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Ákos Valentinyi (Southampton U and IE) and B. Herrendorf:
On the Stability of the Two-sector Real Business Cycle Model with Externalities
Discussant: András Simonovits (IE)
11  -  12    Balázs Szentes (Boston U):
Symmetric Equilibria in Majority Auctions Games;
first part: Three-Object Two-Bidder Simultaneous Auctions: Chopsticks and Tetrahedra ; and
second part: Beyond Chopsticks: Symmetric Equilibria in Majority Auction Games
Discussant: Gábor Futó (CEU)

13:40  -  14:40    Gábor Kézdi (U Michigan):
The Geographic Mobility of Labor and the Rigidity of European Labor Markets
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)
14:40  -  15:40    Ibolya Schindele (Amsterdam U):
Support and Inference: Venture Financing with Multiple Tasks
Discussant: János Vincze (BUES and IE)
16  -  17    József Molnár (NWU):
Preemptive Horizontal Mergers: Theory and Evidence
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)

25 June 2002, Tuesday

10  -  11    Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU):
Preferences for Fairness in Decision Theory
11:15  -  12:15    Botond Kőszegi (Berkeley) and Wei Li:
Ambition and Talent
Discussant: Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU)