Summer Workshop  2001


9 July 2001, Monday

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Imre Fertő (IE) and L J Hubbard:
Intra-Industry Trade in Agri-Food Products between Hungary and the EU
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
11  -  12    Réka Horváth (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona):
Cooperative Research and Firm Performance
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)

13:40  -  14:40    Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU) and Tamás Meszerics:
An Experimental Analysis of the Ultimatum Game: The Role of Competing Motivations
Discussant: András Simonovits (IE)
14:40  -  15:40    Éva Nagypál (Stanford --> NWU):
Fixed-Term Contracts in Europe: A Reassessment in Light of the Importance of Match-Specic Learning
Discussant: István R. Gábor (BUES)
16  -  17    Balázs Váradi (CEU):
Multiproduct Cost Function Estimation for American Higher Education
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)

10 July 2001, Tuesday

10  -  11    Gábor Virág (Princeton U) and József Molnár (NWU):
Optimal auctions with externalities and signaling
Discussant: Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU)
11:15  -  12:15    Attila Rátfai (CEU and IE):
Relative Price Skewness and Inflation
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

14  -  15    Beatrix Paál (Stanford U) and B.D. Smith:
The sub-optimality of the Friedman rule and the optimum quantity of money
Discussant: János Vincze (NBH)
15  -  16    Péter Benczur (NBH):
Learning, noise traders, the volatility and the level of bond spreads
Discussant: András Simonovits (IE)