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Workpackage 5
Integrated framework to analyze the impact of competitive pressure and enlargement on the interaction between corporate sector, labour market and households

Partner responsible:    IEHAS

Partners involved:      IEHAS      CESR      FREF      IERS      UNOTT     RCEM


  1. To analyze the mutual links between the basic components of the project – which address separate, clearly defined aspects of the societal effect of competitive pressure – within an integrated analytical framework.
  2. To assess the policy implications of the interdependence and interactions between corporate sector, labour market, households and institutions in a comprehensive and consistent manner.
  3. To come up with integrated policy conclusions and recommendations combining the results of the whole project.

The research to be undertaken within this workpackage will be essentially of an inter-disciplinary nature and will involve constant and intensive mutual exchange of information between the partners on the basis of the results obtained within workpackages 1 to 4. The first step in this exercise will be to identify the main links and interdependencies between competitive pressure and social values, as revealed in the interactions between firms, individuals and institutions, in accordance with the outcomes of the four separate workpackages. Apart from the identification of links, a dedicated research effort will be necessary to analyze and assess the nature of these interrelations as well as, eventually, the direction of causal links, which will be essential for the formulation of policy conclusions and recommendations. As a second step, the results of this bridging exercise will be fed back to the four individual project components in order to introduce, if necessary, the implied changes in their modelling framework. As a third step, on the basis of the high level of coherence that is expected to be achieved, the four different components will be brought together into an integrated analytical framework.

The expected result of applying this multidisciplinary approach will be an integrated descriptive model of competitive pressure and social values which would allow to analyze and test, at least qualitatively, but in a consistent framework, various sets of policies and to assess their expected outcomes. This model will be the testing ground for generating the main policy conclusions and recommendations from the project.

The work on this workpackage (steps one and two) will start during the final stages (the last six months) of workpackages 1 to 4 when it is expected that the results of the latter will take their final shape. Step three will be implemented when the work of the four basic components will be over and the whole research effort will be concentrated on their linking into an integrated model, on the testing of the latter and producing a coherent global outcome from the project. The work on workpackage 5 will involve the active participation of all partners, with a leading contribution by partners IEHAS and CESR.

During all the stages of this workpackage, the research will be conducted in close interactions with the policy making community: we plan to supply them on a regular basis with our results and we shall be expecting an active feedback from their part, which will also incorporated in the integrated analytical framework.

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