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Workpackage 1
Competitive pressure in the corporate sector, its institutional aspects and policy framework

Partner responsible:    CESR

Partners involved:       IEHAS      CESR      FREF      IERS      UNOTT     RCEM


Global objective: To analyze in detail the effects of growing competitive pressure on the performance of the corporate sector in selected associated countries and EU member states in the context of the ongoing changes in the institutional and policy environment.

Related objectives: By looking at different aspects of enterprise response to competitive pressure in a cross-country comparative perspective (such as efficiency changes, adjustment in factor inputs, pricing policy, etc.) to identify different models and/or common patterns of enterprise adjustment and their consequences. To investigate empirically the evolution of the institutional framework of competition policy and the implementation practices in selected associated countries, with a reference to EU practices: the functioning of regulatory agencies (with a focus on the enforcement of rules and norms) as well as the role of other institutional agents in the shaping of competition policy. By integrating the corporate and institutional aspects of the analysis to come up with policy relevant conclusions and recommendations on these topics which may help the governments in the associated countries and in the EU in designing more effective regulations.

Deliverables and milestones

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