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1. July 2003: Literature surveys in WP1-4

2. July 2003: Workshop in Sofia on competitive pressure, market structure and competition policy. WP1

3. March 2004: Workshop in Ljubljana on firm competition and adjustment in imperfect markets and the role of institutions. WP1 Minutes of the workshop

4. November 2004: WP5 starts

5. March 2006: Seminar in Brussels on competitive pressure and the interaction of firms and institutions. WP1

6. April 2005: Conference in Bucharest on ‘Impact of Single Market Expansion to the East on Social and Living Standards – reality and perception’. WP4 Minutes of the workshop

7. April 2006: An international conference in Budapest on “Competitive pressure and social values” (the closing, recap conference for the whole project) with participation from the academic and policy communities. WP5

8. June 2006: Final report

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